Managing Direcor's Message:

 A Development towards an advanced condition is always an unceasing reality. Achieved milestone is the beginning of another breakthrough. Lavendo Private Limited has been established with these assumptions.


          Our company premise in the application of expanding trade across the continents through development of the marketing mix for the countries. We build a platform to merge and execute transactions of goods and services to be sustained at International level.

          Lavendo will play a fare role in amalgamating international economic interactions. The main focus of the company is to contribute in enhancing global wealth, reducing global poverty and persistent equality.


             In the transpiring new world order, Global market is transposing rapidly. It is characterized by changing trade motifs, speculation and opportunities. Lavendo aims to form a platform where the business flows in through every direction. Today's scenario is a new fast expanding multi-polar global finance in which we have a prospective for emerging as best merchant. Now, West-East, North-South are barely on the compass and is not an economic terminus. Trading is narrowing the gulf between the nations and hence, markets are not secluded. 

          Trade is the driving force of Global economy. Lavendo's intention is to help in the growth of national economy and expand the global market. India is endowed with maneuver and skill. We belong to land which generates ample resources for every man's need.

           We spawn a platform where these resources are accessible for every person. Hence, Lavendo firmly believes in "Fulfilling Every Need". The journey of  Lavendo will go on and on with the support of my crew and patronage.

           Lavendo's voyage is miles to go before we sleep.


Qaiser Minhaj Khan.

  Managing Director,

Lavendo Private Limited.

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